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Glue Downs, Staining, Sanding, Refinishing, Hand Scraping, Distressing of Raw Wood, Inlays and Medallions

Remodeling and Home Design

Wood Flooring Restoration

Dedicated to restoring the original luster to damaged and worn hardwood floors.

Professional Service

Our priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality product and professional service.

Custom Border Inlays

Allow us to bring the elegance of hardwood floors to your home.

Custom Medallions

We can create custom medallions for your floors.

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We Install the Following:

Raw, laminate, pre-finished, engineered, cork, medallions, borders, wide planked, hand scraped, and distressed

We Are Hardwood Flooring Professionals

Custom Finish Wood Flooring works on residential and commercial wood floors, whether it's installing engineered, pre-finished, raw, medallions, borders, wide planked,hand scraped, or distressed. We are recommended for a reason!

  • We specialize in sanding and staining to match new or pre-existing wood floors. We can use specialty stains to match almost any color.
  • We prefer to use Glitsa multi coat with hardener, we are also experienced in water based, oil based poly, and tongue oil.
  • We are experienced in many different kinds of stains, including water based.
  • By hand scraping and/or distressing your wood before we install it, we can customize your floor. We also offer on site distressing on a re-sand.
  • Unlike other flooring installers we also provide services to install new base and shoe, caulk, fill nail holes, sand and paint.
  • We also R&R furniture, toilets, fridges, and whole house removal.
  • We sand, stain, and finish stair cases.




Since the beginning of time, cavemen and our ancestors started cutting wood with stone, later to be a metal handsaw. Where all wood for building houses were very different from how we cut trees, with gas powered engines, chainsaws and electric saws to cut and rip them to size and dimension to make a whole home out of lumber.

In the beginning when wood was made by hand saws to make flooring, 2’X 4’s, 2’ X 6’s base, casing were all rough sawn with square edged, later in time someone made machines, that molded and had made the floor with tongue and grove, and other profiles for home lumber. That person, patented the machines and that’s how floors were made and then it was later that someone had the idea of pre- finishing – chemical treatment on top wood – and that patent is now way past 20 years and during the whole time, pre-finished manufactures were ordering a raw piece of wood, that is prepped on top surface to sand and its already ready for stain-finish, paint ext. top surface being.

My Patent was missed in the original arts throughout all these years where it’s been made and sold and no one had a patent for a raw piece of wood.

I use to have to scrape the edges of flooring for my old boss and floor stores that I worked with and after I scraped I would then take to the job, install and still have to sand the top surface with a large sander to get the missed milling and unevenness more consistent, to an acceptable floor.

After a while, selling my own jobs, I started to hand scrape a lot and it was 2015 when I thought, I should scrape the edges and have it put through a double headed belt machine, repackage and take to the job site to install and just had to buff with a white cleaning pad to clean up the wood from any open graining from moisture and any dirt or glue that may have accumulated from shipping and installation. I recommended using a 100 grit screen for faster cleaning.

While doing the flooring I also started distressing and pre-sanding doors, casing, base, shoe, mantels, kitchen cabinets, even furniture like dressers and barnwood. The builders would have their painter either paint or stain before or after installation of the carpenter. So I recognized it in flooring and then realized it pre-prepped sanded wood products.


Does Your Floor ...

Need Re-Sanding?

Have Cracked Boards?

Have Pet Stains?

We can solve these hardwood flooring issues and more.

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